Meet The Cast

Ben Stone

Taylor Jed Martin

A family man with a passion for his work as a detective, his edgy attitude and perseverance is the fuel ...


Silvia Tovar

She is Ben’s wife, balances caring for the kids and works her own daytime job, she doesn’t really want him ...


Ruben Moreno

Ben’s Latino partner, he’s loyal, yet troubled by his own past which he buries deep, always putting the job before ...


Martin Chavez

A sharply dressed, highly successful and wealthy businessman, his greedy nature overtakes his boundaries for money


Alaura Devereaux

She’s a physical therapist who specializes in meditation healing for brain trauma with her athletic martial arts skills she’s a ...


Myn Mei Gayoso

A sexy, charming business woman, who has an appetite for men as only her tools to get her work done.


Rexina Mize

She’s a wealthy heir who inherited her money from her family, she’s kind yet depressed locked in the recesses of ...


Cris Plascencia Hernandez

He’s an overweight man who’s a loner that loves to indulge in food to the point of illness.


Amber Pauline

A hot pop star singer who’s beautiful on the outside but thinks she’s always right, she always feels entitled.


Joe Echegaray

He’s a brawler with a large demeanor, he struggles with the recent hit run death of his girlfriend as his ...

Dr. Peter Bryce

Jason Danial Lawrence

A prodigy neurologist, he graduated at the top of his class being the youngest, he is very certain of his ...

Pastor Stephens

David A. Jones Jr.

A mild mannered pastor with quirky sensibilities, he has a true sense of pure devotion towards his work especially when ...


Kevin Gance

A Music Producer and Sound Engineer, he tries to be patient with Ruby in the musicstudio when she has a ...